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All messages must be in relation to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark or northern front during ww2. For postings on the political organizations of the period, see below.To avoid redundant postings, please make an attempt to go through the online messages and archives first to see if your question has already been answered.
Please make an effort to post clear, concise, meaningful and well though out messages. Poor postings will result in poor responses.Posting items for sale/trade is allowed only after contacting the web master for approval. If you want to sell or buy militaria, please visit our sponsors who provide such services. It is, however, allowed to promote books, documentaries, etc. that helps the readers in further research on ww2 issues. (Though related to Norway or Scandinavia during ww2)Any links to auctionhouses, dealers of militaria and so on is prohibited, unless the article in question is of greatest historical importance. Example on allowed items: The ships bell from Pol III for sale at ebay some time ago. Due to discussions on Nuavs forum about this item, this was bought by a norwegian museum and a piece of Norwegian history saved. Example on not allowed items; Militaria gear, photolots, daggers, coins and so on. If you are in doubt, always ask webmaster or monitor of this forum first!It is not allowed to post questions regarding items that will be put up for sale at later stage*, unless you clearly state in your posting what your purpose is. Then it will be up to our visitors if they want to help or not. Any violators will have their IP adress tracked down and blocked.(*This to avoid i.e. Ebayers (mis)using the time of our posters. We at Nuav and some of our posters has put a lot of work into researching objects to people we belived was serious collectors, just to see the item in question being put up on Ebay immediately afterwards. This rule does however not apply to the webmaster and monitor of this forum. We often have to sell stuff to be able to run Nuav, so we sometimes need help and I think we deserve it, afterall this website is provided to you,-free of charge :-) )
Posting messages on the topic of WWII-era Axis political organizations is allowed only if the question or comment is historical in nature. Political ranting or debates will not be allowed. Questions on the history, organization, personalities, etc., of the political organizations during WWII is perfectly acceptable, although such messages will be removed the moment they stray from historical commentary.
Posts that are offensive or in poor taste and do not add value of discussion will be removed.I will allow postings written in Norwegian, German, Swedish and Danish, but I would prefer that all postings is in English. This is to help you get more responce to your postings, and include the 70% of our english writing visitors on the debate.
Any messages not following these very basic guidelines are targets for quick removal. The moderators will also keep the right to remove any postings that we feel is balancing on the edge of our guidelines.This is not an attempt to censor, but to maintain the spirit and letter of these guidelines, as well as the constructive, educational, and research oriented atmosphere of this site.Important!!: NUAV is not responsible for any contents in links provided in postings! We have not the time or rescources to check every added link. If you are offended, do not click the link, please understand that we do not support other sites unless they are in our link page!
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