Norwegian merchant sailors under the Occupation

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Norwegian merchant sailors under the Occupation

Post  dfuller52 on Tue 9 Dec 2008 - 21:05

I am researching an attack on a North Sea convoy of 15 May 1942 in which the Norwegian coal steamer D/S Selje was bombed and sunk by the RAF. Can anyone point me to a good book or source of information on how sailors in the merchant marine were treated during the war by the Germans? The note I have found about the incident says there were 35 crew and 22 German soldiers/sailors on the ship (all but 15 Norwegian crew survived).

Anything (in English) that describes the merchant marine experience on the Axis side would be appreciated.

If anyone has more information about this convoy. I'd like more details too. There were 12 ships: 8 German (one a destroyer with balloons), 2 Danish and the Selje. The other ship lost was the V 2002 patrol boat, formerly a French trawler named Madeleine Louise.

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