Frontreparaturwerkstätte Kjeller

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Frontreparaturwerkstätte Kjeller

Post  Kjeller on Sat 13 Dec 2008 - 18:57

I am new at this forum, and i hope you can help me with some information.
I looking for information / photos from Kjeller airfield and the area around during the war. Kjeller is located just outside Oslo and was a Frontreparaturwerkstätte for Luftwaffe Luftflotte 5.
During the summer 1940, a lot of Ju52/3 was repaired here, mainly from the occupation of Norway, particulary from Fornebu. The labours came from Junkers at Leipzig, and some Norwegians as well. During the war the aircraft engine company Daimler-Benz and BMW repaired , overhauled and tested engines here, all of them from Luftflotte 5. Brinker Eisenwerk repaired and overhauled aircraft here also, mainly Focke Wulf 190 Messerschmitt 109 and Junkers 52/3. The company DEMAG was also located here, but i don`t know what they where doing.
Do anyone have additional information about Kjeller? for example the Flak unit at Kjeller, or was it a HEER unit at Kjeller or Lillestrøm? All of this kind of information is welcome.
It have been to much focus on Aircrafts at Kjeller, and to little about the units who was placed here during the war.

Jo-Olav Bakken


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Re: Frontreparaturwerkstätte Kjeller

Post  odybvig on Sun 14 Dec 2008 - 4:15

This is from a interrogation of Luftwaffe crewmembers

C. L. Brinker Eisenwerke, Oslo-Kjeller aerodrome
Report dated 30.12.44 with information up to Mid-October 1944

On 1 September 1944 there was a total of 39 aircraft undergoing repairs, a total that by 13 October had shrunk to 17 aircraft made up by the following types (the corresponding figures for 1. September being shown in brackets):

Bf 109 17 (36)

FW 190 0 ( 1)

Ju 52 0 ( 2)

The heavy decrease was mainly owing to a number of airframes being lost as a result of sabotage against Brinkers dismantling section at the Oslo-Korsvoll bus depot on 13 August 1944. These losses were only shown on Brinkers works sheets on 7 October when 15 aircraft, which are known to have been present at Korsvoll at the time of the explotion, were either written off or "sent on", presumeably to Germany. These casualties are given below:

Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 410872 Arrived 01.06.44

Bf 109G-4/R-3 W.Nr. 19405 Arrived 19.01.44

Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 20228 Arrived 08.01.44

Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 20332 Arrived 19.01.44

Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 410886 Arrived 19.06.44

Bf 109G-4/R-3 W.Nr. 19422 Arrived 03.01.44

Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 410749 Arrived 21.03.44

Bf 109G-4/R-3 W.Nr. 19399 Arrived prior to September 1943.

Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 411956 Arrived between 30.06 and 04.08.44.

Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 14603 Arrived between 24.03. and 18.04.44

Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 13943 Arrived 05.06.44

Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 410768 Arrived 24.06.44

Bf 109G-2/R-1 W.Nr. 13787 Arrived prior to September 1943

Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 14020 Arrived prior to September 1943

Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 14623 Arived between 30.06. and 04.08.44

Between 1. September and 13 October 1944 repairs were completed to six airframes, whilst a further two were "sent on" and one scrapped as follows:

Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 10332 Arrived prior to September 1943. Completed between 01.09. and 26.09.44

Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 14669 Arrived prior to September 1943. Completed between 01.09. and 26.09.44

Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 14630 Arrived prior to September 1943. Completed between 01.09. and 26.09.44

Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 10422 Arrived 22.03.44. Completed between 01.09. and 26.09.44

Bf 109G-2 W.Nr. 14818 Arrived 02.05.44. Completed between 01.09. and 26.09.44

Ju 52 W.Nr. 6064 Arrived 18.11.43. Completed between 03.10. and 06.10.44

FW 190A-3 W.Nr. 2166 Arrived 02.05.44. Sent on 07.10.44.

FW 190A-8 W.Nr. 350178 Arrived 26.09.44. Sent on 07.10.44.

Ju 52 W.Nr. 5801 Arived between 30.06. and 04.08.44. Scrapped 07.10.44.

During the same period the following aircraft was received at Kjeller for repair:

Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 411960 Arrived 09.09.44

Abandonment of Aircraft Repair Shops (December 1944)

Reports have been received lately from numerous sources to the effect that the Germans have decided, owing to shortage of spare parts and the lack of skilled labour, to close down their various aircraft repair shops in Norway and remove machinery, equipment and stores to Germany. Allied air attacks and recent numerous acts of sabotage have further aggravated the position and the Germans have no doubt come to the conclusion that the facilities can be utilised to better advantage in Germany itself and fill gaps caused by Allied bombing there.

A summary of the various reports is given below according to which active steps have already been taken to liquidate the more important plants. So far this information lacks authoritative confirmation, but at the same time the statements received are so persistent and uniform that it seems certain that at least a very drastic curtailment of repair activity is contemplated.

C.L. Brinker Eisenwerke, Oslo-Kjeller:

Reports dated September state that important machinery is being dismantled and packed in preparation for despatch to Germany and that a number of the workers have been given notice.

Daimler Benz, Sandefjord:

It was rumoured in mid October that the equipment at the main D.B. repair service at Sandefjord was to be removed and utilised for other purposes. A later report adds that the component parts stored at the Societetsbygningen in Sandefjord have been shipped to Germany.

Walter Bachmann Flugzeugbau, Horten:

According to November reports machinery was being dismantled and packed and some had already left for Germany addressed to W. Bachmann Flugzeugbau KG, Riebnitz, Mecklenburg. A number of aircraft received for repair were dismantled and sent to Germany. The majority of the workers had received notice to leave by 1 December. Other sources state that Bachmann branch factory at Tønsberg had already ceased activity in November and machinery and spare parts shipped to Germany. Only about 50 workers were retained on clearance work and it was rumoured that after completing this they were to be transferred to Fornebu.

Junkers Frontreparaturbetrieb, Kambo-Moss:

Information dated December states that machinery and equipment have been packed and forwarded to Germany and that defences and obstructions round the plant have been removed. Since October the workers have been on indefinite leave, but were not released to seek other employment. The G.f.L. stores which were kept at Luftteknisk Industri, Moss, have also been transferred to Germany.

So far there are no reports that the B.M.W. repair works at Bryn-Oslo intend to cease activity, but as it is known that repair output is practically nil it seems reasonable to assume that this plant, the only important one remaining in Norway, will suffer the same fate as the others.

If these reports prove to be completely true it will mean that in the future major repair jobs will either have to be forwarded to Germany or that available repair facilities at the aerodrome Horstwerft will have to extended. Whilst there is no evidence of the latter taking place, there are indications that existing facilities are being safeguarded, workshops and stores being dispersed or removed to underground tunnels.

On a Luftwaffe report from 8 may 1945, following units was at Kjeller (8/5-45)

Platz Kdt Major Reintaler
"Verbindungsstaffel Norw mit Flugbereitsch. zbV/FlVerb. Gesschwader 2"
Platzkdo Kjeller Fl.H.Kdtr.A (o) 101/III
Traktorenzug d.Lw (mot) 1/VIII
Lw San Abt (o) 20)III abt Kjeller
Radiosondestation (o) 519
Kl. Feuersch. St d. Lw (v) 86/III Platzkommando Kjeller
Flak unknown (only Oslo is mentioned)

In september 1944
Leichte AlarmFlakbattr. 20/III (L)



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Re: Frontreparaturwerkstätte Kjeller

Post  Kjeller on Mon 15 Dec 2008 - 0:42

Thank you for the information so far, Olve It was great! I am working on Kjeller today as a helicopter mekanic on Bell 412, and i was also groing up at Kjeller. As you for sure, already know, Kjeller will celebrate 100 year as a airfield at 2012. I hope some of these information could be used in a book or at Kjeller flyhistoriske web side. I have looking for photos at e-bay for years now, and some Kjeller photos has show up some time. Maybe you can help me to identify some of them Olve?
Again: All information about Kjeller and the area around are welcome!

Jo-Olav Bakken


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Re: Frontreparaturwerkstätte Kjeller

Post  Kjeller on Sun 21 Dec 2008 - 21:42

I have been looking trough some photos i have on my computer, and i found a HEER photo from Lillestøm and Kjeller who says 710 I.D.
I think this meen 710 Infanterie Division. Does someone of you have information about 710 I.D. in Norway? alien

Jo-Olav Bakken


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Re: Frontreparaturwerkstätte Kjeller

Post  Bjørn on Mon 22 Dec 2008 - 0:10


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Re: Frontreparaturwerkstätte Kjeller

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