German fortification at Folkvord Farm, Sandness

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German fortification at Folkvord Farm, Sandness

Post  ozbart on Mon 30 Mar 2009 - 1:01

I can remember playing the bunkers the Germans build on my grandfather's farm, now the farm is owned by Arnbjorn Osland. I am looking for more information about what this fortification was called, what kind of unit was it and thier command sturcture. It was built close to a hill called "Harold's Hill"


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Fortifications at Folkvord.

Post  Jan fra Hundvåg on Thu 2 Apr 2009 - 23:50

In the book "Festung Stavanger" they mention 2 positions at Folkvord and Paaskeholen.

"Paaskeholen 10/274
4*10,5 cm, 2*MG, 5*PzB, 1*2 cm Flak

Folkvaar 11/274
3*22 cm Mørser (p), 4*sMG (n), 8*PzB

Of the positions Folkvaar and Paaskeholen today nothing more is to be seen.
In Paaskeholen once stood four 10,5 cm howitzers of the 10/274.
In Folkvord lay the 11/274 with three 22 cm mortars of Polsih origin."

For more information about the Atlantikwall in Norwegen, I recommend the mentioned book.
It's in English, German and Norwegian. Very Happy

Jan fra Hundvåg

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