Erik Krefting

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Erik Krefting

Post  Bob Pearson on Thu 28 May 2009 - 17:26

Does anyone know anything about a Norwegian officer called Erik Krefting? This officer was seconded to British forces in London as the invasion of Norway commenced. He travelled to Norway with Lt Colonel Dudley Clark. i do not know the rank that was issued to Krefting, but he was given the task of liasion officer at Åndalsnes.

Krefting survived the war, but I know little about him, as does his surviving family. He is mentioned in Clark's book, 'Seven Assignments' and the name is also mentioned in Dorothy Baden-Powell's books, 'Pimpernel Gold' and 'Operation Jupiter'. It is possible this officer joined SOE in some capacity.

I would welcome any info on this officer - no matter how small or seemingly insignificant

Many thanks,

Bob Pearson
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