bachelor thesis on norwegian resistance

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bachelor thesis on norwegian resistance

Post  pokornas on Wed 16 Jun 2010 - 23:59

I'm a student of modern history and international relations from Prague, Czech Rep. and I have decided to write my bachelor thesis on Norwegian resistance during WW2. I've already read some books, articles and written some papers on it, but I'd really appreciate your recommendation of literature and sources. Unfortunately I can't speak Norwegian yet, but I've been working on my Swedish and I think I'm able to read Swedish books, therefore reading in Norwegian should't be so big problem later.
I'd like to stress the civil resistance, not the armed one, at the same time I'm not really interested just in the history of resistance, but maybe more in the image of resistance in literature, movies, education after the war. How were resistance fighters and collaborators treated after the war.
Here is a list of literature I'd like to use, could you have a look on it and perhaps tell me if these books could be used. All hints and recommendations, as I said, are more than welcome!

Nissen, Henrik S., Scandinavia during the Second World War, Minneapolis: 1983.
Davies, Peter, Dangerous Liaisons: Collaboration and World War Two, Harlow: 2004.
Riste, O., Nökleby, B., Norway 1940-45: The Resistance Movement, Oslo: 1999.
Andanaes, J., Riste, O., Skodvin, M., Norway and the Second World War, Oslo: 1966.
Gjelsvik, T., Norwegian Resistance 1940-1945, London: 1979.
Dahl, Hans Fredrik, Quisling: a study in treachery, Cambridge: 1999.
Hayes, Paul M., Quisling: The Career and Political Ideas of Vidkun Quisling, Indiana: 1972.
Stokker, Kathleen, Folklore fights the Nazis: Humor in occupied Norway, 1940-1945, Madison: 1995.
Salmon, Patrick, Britain and Norway in the Second World War, London: 1995.
Cole, Wayne S., Norway and the United States, 1905-1955, two democracies in peace and war, Ames: 1989.

I've caught some information about a book in Norwegian: Vold, Ragnar, Motstand Artikler i Dagbladet 1930–1945... this one could be very useful, what do you think?
Are there any "must-read" books about my topic? I've found some articles in academic journals, but in this phase I'd like to concern more with books.


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