German soldier/Etterlysning

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German soldier/Etterlysning

Post  kaii on Mon 8 Nov 2010 - 16:04

In connection with a book project I am looking for information on a German soldier called Fritz Janke (or Jancke), stationed in Norway 1940- (?).

What we know is that
- he was on the Blücher and survived the sinking
- he was stationed in Kragerø and worked as a shoemaker from about mid-april 1940, but we are not sure when he was transferred away and to where. My guess is that he must have been part of II/IR307/163rd Div, as two companies from this battalion occupied Kragerø 15th April 1940, but I have not been able to find details on this soldier specifically. Locals in Kragerø can remember him as a very talented craftsman and he was also apparently a staunch anti-nazi (when there were no other Germans around of course...).
- he is believed to have been from the area around Berlin.

We have if course followed the unit history if the unit he was (most likely) in, and this leads to IR 341/199 DIV and then to GR 341/270 DIV in Tromsø at the end of the war. However, as I have not found personnal listings for those units I do not know if he was attached to those units - i.e. for now it is educated guess work.

That's about the information I have, so not an easy task. If anyone has access to the crew and/or survivor lists from Blücher, it might be a start. Similarly, if anyone knows where to get information on the soldiers in IR 307, let me know. We are interested in trying to piece together his service career.

Any help is greatly appreciated :-)



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