Brainstorming and need your perspectives

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Brainstorming and need your perspectives

Post  Researcher1941 on Wed 17 Nov 2010 - 13:01

Good Morning,

Out of deference to the sensibilities of my Norwegian friends, those I've met and those I hope to in the future, I have not posted this question until now....and do so rather nervously. I will ask it in as respectful a way I can and hope I don't offend anyone in the process. I know this can be a "raw" nerve even after all these years.

In early 1941, who in Norway would have been likely "persons of interest" (to use a modern phrase) that British Intelligence or others would go to great (any?) lengths to bring out of Norway or otherwise deny to the Germans if their "escape/rescue/abduction" could not be accomplished? I know there was a move afoot to bring out scientists from parts of occupied Europe (Nils Bohr for instance), but I'm not familiar enough with Norway of the period to know.

These were likely Norwegians, other Allies or even Neutrals and that is my main question, but the "list" may have included Germans as well.

Whether individual names or groups (scientists, other VIPs, Key Resistance leadership, etc); any insight into the period would be helpful and most appreciated.




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