Norwegian Civil war unit

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Norwegian Civil war unit

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I know this is out of context, my apologies, but I figured the Norwegian war enthusiasts might take an interest in it.

15th Wisconsin
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The Fifteenth Regiment was recruited mostly from the Scandanavian population of the State

Passing through Chicago, the regiment was presented with a beautiful flag, by the Scandnavian "Society Nora." The motto on the flag was, "For God and our country." On one side was the American colors, with gilt stars on a blue field. On the reverse were the American and Norwegian arms, united; the Norwegian arms representing a lion with all axe, on a red field

The Battle of Chickamauga was the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War. In 4 hours of battle, the 15th Wisconsin suffered around 50 percent casualties. When the 15th went into the fight on the right wing of the Federal Army under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Johnson, there were 176 officers and enlisted men. The morning after the battle, only 75 officers and enlisted men answered roll call. A number of the 15th's men ended up in the notorious Andersonville Prison Camp. If it hadn't been for two companies left behind at Island No. 10, which the 15th helped capture, the 15th Wisconsin would have ceased to exist.

When taking a closer look at the 15th, Meeker discovered that a lot of the 15th's history was inaccessible to him due to a language barrier, as the literature about the regiment was mostly in Norwegian. Meeker then began doing his own research

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