Admiral Scheer in the Arctic

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Admiral Scheer in the Arctic

Post  Black Hornet on Mon 29 Nov 2010 - 0:16

The Germans knew that many ships of the Soviet Navy had sought refuge in the Kara Sea because of the protection that its ice pack provided during ten months of the year. The naval operation to enter the Kara Sea during the summer thaw and destroy as many Russian vessels as possible was named "Operation Wunderland".

the Arado Ar 196 seaplane on board Admiral Scheer flew to Kravkova Island in the Mona Islands and spotted three groups of Soviet ships there,

These are my 1st posts here. I hope they are acceptable. I have a few Icelandic bits as well, dunno if they are of interest here. Being half Norwegian, I have developed an interest in anything "up north" as regards WW 2.

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Re: Admiral Scheer in the Arctic

Post  Terje Langoy on Thu 2 Dec 2010 - 18:27

G´day all

One of the links found at the bottom of said Wikipedia-site makes very good reading material.

Is this thread intended to spark a further discussion..?

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