S.S. Swanson rescues 13 Norwegians.

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S.S. Swanson rescues 13 Norwegians.

Post  Black Hornet on Thu 3 Mar 2011 - 7:41

a Patrol bomber operating out of St. Johns, Newfoundland informed the Swanson there was a lifeboat to the north of the Swanson location. Course was changed to the north and the ship went to full speed. Shortly afterwards the lifeboat was visually sighted.

As the Swanson made the approach and could see the men sitting in open lifeboat, only one man raised a hand to give a slight wave; the rest just sat there immobile. These were 13 extremely cold and exhausted men and one dog. Most of the men were suffering from frost bitten hands and feet. Only one man seemed to be able to move about a little. Swanson sailors quickly jumped down into the lifeboat to assist the men up the sea ladder which had been dropped down over the side. Small lines were attached to their life jackets and the Swanson sailors lifted and hauled these men up to the deck. They were physically incapable of climbing up the ladder. They were survivors from the Norwegian ship SS Ringstad, which was torpedoed by a German U-Boat on 24 January 1942. The temperature was 30 degrees.

The rescue was effected at Latitude 47-55 North and Longitude 50-53 West, which is 60 miles southeast of Cape Race. The rescued men were: Captain J.K. Knudstad, O.S. Olsen, L. Meen, E.C. Streton, E. Oygarden, B. Borresen, T. Eklud, O.A. Eniks, A. Egge, S. Goodwin, R.Fairey, F.W.J. Bowley, W.J. Hiton, and Prinz (Captain’s Alsatian dog.)

Captain Knudstad before leaving the Swanson presented his dog Prinz to Captain Kingsley, who proudly accepted the gift and upon return to the United States took Prinz to his home.


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