Martin Olsen & William Holder

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Martin Olsen & William Holder

Post  Bob Pearson on Sat 5 Mar 2011 - 18:20

I have just received two photos taken possibly at the end of WW2. One photo depicts two characters and is titled on the reverse as William Holder. The image is taken in front of a hanging portrait picture. I think the other person standing directly in front of the portait is Max Manus. The second photo depicts 3 characters - William Holder, Martin Olsen and again I believe Max Manus. It looks as if the photo was taken in a similar location to the first.

Does anyone have further clues as to where and when the pictures were taken? Martin Olsen has a an HS9 file in the TNA (he passed away in 1979). The TNA reference gives the following clues:

Martin OLSEN, aka Knud ANDRESEN, aka Harald JENSEN, aka BJORN - born 13.01.1920. Dide March 1979.

The file was not released until March 2007

There appears to be nothing on William Holder. Max Manus' file is of course well known.

As always, any information, no matter how small, would be very much appreciated.


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