Bridge almost destroyed. Would've cut off Dietl from Swedish

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Bridge almost destroyed. Would've cut off Dietl from Swedish

Post  Black Hornet on Sat 16 Apr 2011 - 7:38

Rail supplies.

on the bridge was a unit of Norwegian Engineers placing demolition changes it the bridge was destroyed then Dietl would be cut off
The GO commander to prevent the engineers split his troops into two fire groups one was to fire on the engineers to stop them laying charges the other was to fire on the charges in the short fire fight only one charge
went off lightly damaging the bridge. The Norwegian commander then attacked the Bjornfell tunnel the fighting here lasted for two hours the GJ attack was so aggressive that a senior Norwegian officer and 45 men surrendered to the GJ the rest crossed over to Sweden. The railway line was now open Hitler was now to put pressure on Sweden to allow supply’s to pass through.

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