Raeder's Guerilla warfare

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Raeder's Guerilla warfare

Post  Black Hornet on Thu 21 Apr 2011 - 21:20

Can anyone actually argue the ability to conduct this strategy is not better facilitated by having bases in Norway/Shetlands & Iceland? German ability to reach far flung parts of the world where British naval units are stationed is greatly increased. Not to mention the sinking of cargo traffic in Atlantic sea lanes is easier to do.

"It has been said," wrote Winston Churchill, "'Whoever possesses Iceland holds a pistol firmly pointed at England, America, and Canada.'"2 At the time of which he wrote, the "pointed pistol" threatened most immediately the British lifeline: the northern convoy route between Great Britain and the Western Hemisphere, upon which the island kingdom was dependent for most of the materials to sustain its war effort as well as much that was needed for its very subsistence. Iceland perched on the flank of these shipping lanes,


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