Wildcats of Trondheim March 1945.

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Wildcats of Trondheim March 1945.

Post  Black Hornet on Mon 9 May 2011 - 8:41

On 26 March 1945, in a last action near Trondheim, during Operation Prefix, Wildcat VI's from 882 Squadron (Acting Lieut Comdr RA Bird RN) off Searcher, escorting a flight of HMS Queen’s 853 Squadron (Lieut Comdr JM Glaser, RN) Avengers along the coast, were jumped by a flight of eight III Gruppe JG 5 Me 109Gs. The Wildcats pilots claimed three of the Me 109Gs shot down and two damaged at a cost of one Wildcat damaged.

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Re: Wildcats of Trondheim March 1945.

Post  odybvig on Mon 9 May 2011 - 17:04

According to german sources, the Bf 109's from Gossen was jumped by the Wildcats (surrounded by to large formations)
3 109 was lost; Fw Hermann Jäger10./JG 5 (dead), Fw Heinrich Dreisbach 10./JG 5 (saved) and Uffz Gottfried Rösch 10./JG 5 (saved). And one Bf 109 with 25 % damage landed back at Gossen.
One Barracuda was lost on allied side and one wildcat damaged as fra as I know

But most interesting, the allied attack was prevented. No ships or harbour target was attacked



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