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Geirr Haarr - historian

Post  Bob Pearson on Sun 28 Aug 2011 - 16:48

It is pleasing to report that Reinhard Huxmann, whom is currently editing the Ph.D. thesis of Patrick Salmon (1979 and which by now is only available as a library item in Oxford).
Within this context Patrick Salmon will add a bibliographical essay about literature having been published since then. The following has since been written:

"On the German invasion and the subsequent naval and military operations there is a characteristically energetic account by Kersaudy (1990), along with others by Harvey (1990) and Lunde (2010). All, however, are outclassed by Geirr Haarr’s two-volume history of the German invasion of Norway (2009) and the Norwegian campaign (2010), based on extensive archival research in Britain, Norway and Germany. Haarr discusses naval and military operations in unprecedented detail without losing sight of the bigger picture; the volumes are also exceptionally well illustrated."

In a nutshell, Salmon regards Geirr Haarr's work as exemplary. That's an amazing accolade given from a man so very highly regarded in the historical world.

Congrtatulations to Geirr Haarr on such a wonderful, and well deserved achievement!

Bob Pearson

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