official history of the RNoN by E.A. Steen

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official history of the RNoN by E.A. Steen

Post  Mark C. Jones on Sun 11 Sep 2011 - 18:06


I am hoping a forum member who has access to the official history of the Royal Norwegian Navy during World War II could check something for me.

I am interested if the 7 volume study by E.A. Steen (see below) mentions the Royal Navy office that was in charge of liaison with the several Allied navies in exile (Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia and Greece). The RN established an office called the Naval Assistant (Foreign) to the Second Sea Lord in July 1940, and renamed it to the Principal Liaison Officer, Allied Navies (or PNLO) in March 1942. Admiral Sir Gerald Dickens was the officer in charge from July 1940-January 1943 when he was relieved by Vice Admiral E.L.S. King.

It would be most helpful if someone with an interest in the RNoN could check the Steen series for mentions of the office of PNLO or either admirals Dickens and King. In the United States copies of the Steen series are held by only a few of the major research universities, none of which are within reasonable traveling distance for me. I also cannot read Norwegian, though I can recognize words that are similar to words in English or German.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist me!

Mark C. Jones

Steen, Erik Anker. Norges sjøkrig 1940-1945. Oslo: Gyldendal, 1954-69.

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