POW camp in Fana outside Bergen?

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POW camp in Fana outside Bergen?

Post  Admin on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 22:29

A friend of mine got two kriegsmarine soldbuchs where the soldier ended the war as POW's in a POW lager in Fana. (Kriegsmarine)
I know that Fyllingsdalen was part of Fana before and the uboat camp at Melkeplassen was partially in Laksevåg AND Fana. Could the previous uboat camp be the POW camp, or was there other camps in Fana/Fyllingsdalen? If so, where were they situated?


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POW camp in Fana outside Bergen?

Post  hoh on Wed 18 Jul 2012 - 10:47

My now late father-in-law told me that he was drafted for service (Norw army) summer -45. After finished the recruit-course, he was posted as a guard for German POW’s at Melkeplassen. As I understood it, the POW’s had some duties at the U-boat plant in Laksevåg in day-time and were marched back to Melkeplassen for the night.
When it comes to POW camps in Fana I’m not sure, but a tip could be to check out the MEK-camp at Stend
Mvh hoh


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