Bjørn Pedersen

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Bjørn Pedersen

Post  Bob Pearson on Tue 6 Nov 2012 - 20:32

It with great sadness that yesterday, the family of Bjørn Pedersen announced his passing. He was 92 years old.

Bjørn Pedersen was part of Operation Barbara I consisting of Lt. Carsten Ankers Johnsen, Lt. Bjørn Pedersen. Lt. Basil Marris RNVR and Lt. James Holmes, RN

The object of the ‘Barbara’ operations was to sink enemy shipping in Bergen using ‘Welmans’, the one-man submersible craft. This was the first time the Welman had been used on a Norwegian operation.

On 20 November 1943 MTB635 and MTB625 left Lunna Voe, Shetland, carrying Welmans W45 (Lt. C. Johnsen, Royal Norwegian Navy), W46 (Lt B. Pedersen, Norwegian Army), W47 (Lt. B. Marris, RNVR) and W48 (Lt. J. Holmes, RN).

Pedersen's W46 fouled on an anti-submarine net and was forced to the surface. The Welman was immediately spotted by a German patrol craft. Pedersen was captured along with the Welman, surviving the war in a prison camp. The other three knew that the element of surprise had been lost and so abandoned the attack. Asa result the Welmans were scuttled. The survivors made their way north with the help of Norwegian resistance members and were later collected by MTB653 in Feb 1944.

The sub-chaser Hessa was also sent in an effort to rescue the men, but failed in its attempt.

There is a fine example of a Welman in Horten Naval Museum for anyone interested in viewing close up just how dangerous the operation was in Bergen Harbour and the bravery of those involved.

Source: Various

Our Sincere condolences to the Pedersen family.
Bob Pearson

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Re: Bjørn Pedersen

Post  AltforNorge on Tue 6 Nov 2012 - 23:54

May he rest in peace

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