Berthold Benecke & Erich Opitz

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Berthold Benecke & Erich Opitz

Post  Bob Pearson on Sun 25 Nov 2012 - 15:43

According to Christer Jørgensen,s book, 'Hitler's Espionage Machine', Spellmount, UK, 2004, p56-57, two men - I assume Norwegian, but could be mistaken - were working for Erich Opitz. Their names were:Eilif Hammerø, leader of the NNSP, and Wolfgang Bodtker.

Does anyone have information on these two men and were they active in the Lillehammer area during late April-June 1940?

Any snippets on the above would be warmly welcomed as indeed would info on Opitz and Berthold Benecke

Kind regards

Bob Pearson

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