The theft from Batterie Dietel late December 2007

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The theft from Batterie Dietel late December 2007

Post  Rolf S. Ask on Wed 25 Jun 2008 - 18:57

As reported earlier, a Kättenkrad and some other items was stolen from the museum “Batterie Dietel” in Northern Norway late December 2007.
Shortly after, when the news got around, the Kättenkrad was located in Germany due to the activity among many collectors reading different forums on the web.
This information was given to both the Norwegian and German police. But also the thieves “heard about the search” so they managed to hide the Kättenkrad.

But last Thursday the Kättenkrad was secured by the police.

The police did not forget about this, but did continue to search information, if not on the Kättenkrad, so on the guys behind the theft.
And because of the engagement and the information from the HMV community around the world, it was possible for the police to once more locate the Kättenkrad together with other stolen items. The Kättenkrad and the other items was secured and the thieves imprisoned.

So this proves that the internet is something to use in the future. It will be much harder to sell stolen items since we have the possibility to check out anything before we buy what we are offered.
So hopefully the HMV community will use the forums around, and inform all others when something disappears.
As a result of this, the hope must be that the thieves will think more than twice next time they want something that belongs to someone else.

Pictures is taken by those people that tried to sell it.

Rolf S. Ask

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How did they made it?

Post  Jan fra Hundvåg on Fri 27 Jun 2008 - 11:02

How could they get a kattenkrad from Norway to Germany without anyone at any borders reacting? Surprised

I use to have trouble with a bottle of booze and some sigarettes. drunken

Maybe the customs need a wakeup-call?

PS. Anyway, good to have it back!

Jan fra Hundvåg

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