ju88A 2/KG30, lost 22.7.1940 "near Narvik"

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ju88A 2/KG30, lost 22.7.1940 "near Narvik"

Post  mmoe on Thu 17 Jul 2008 - 22:44

According to loss-lists,this plane is reported to have been lost "near Narvik" on the 22nd of july 1940. No names of crewmembers are given.

During a visit at a ju88 crashsite in the mountains east of the airfield Bardufoss northeast of Narvik this summer, parts with the Wnr. 088 0161 (the A-1-series) as well as parts with remains of the Staffemblem of the 2nd Staffel KG30 were found. This plane crashed in july 1940, according to locals with the loss of all onboard.

There is therefore little doubt that this plane is the one reported to have crashed "near Narvik despite the apx. 150 kms difference in location. As far as I know, KG30 had no other known losses in northern norway in that period.

So far, I have not been able to find any german airmen with date of death 22nd of july 1940 on the german war cemeteries in Narvik or Trondheim. I dont have access to the Botn-Rognan cemetery-register.

Does anyone have info about names of the crewmembers of this plane, and where they are buried?



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Ju 88

Post  Rune Rautio on Wed 23 Jul 2008 - 20:38

Hello Morten,

The crew on this Ju 88, registered with me as crashed into mountain Kirkestind, was as follows:

Schlecht, Max Fw (KIA) - FF
Bellmann, Heinz Uffz (KIA) - BO
Oswald, Gotthardt Fw (KIA) - BF
Böhrkircher, Hermann Uffz (KIA) - BS

Best regards

Rune Rautio

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Re: ju88A 2/KG30, lost 22.7.1940 "near Narvik"

Post  Bjørn on Fri 25 Jul 2008 - 19:50

For some reason, they are buried in Oslo (Alfaset).



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Re: ju88A 2/KG30, lost 22.7.1940 "near Narvik"

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